Monday, March 8, 2010

face book

well it does suck. but eh. gives people some kind of social life. i like to interact with people. face to face.
i was about to update my status with this.

i now know why i don't remem any of my birthday. half of the time it was either exam time or result time. sigh. i felt that again today

but i felt like writing more. i was about to continue. then stopped.
i had this feeling of deja vu. been there. done that.
i miss blogging. i do.

there are things that blogging does that facebook can't do
here i don't care who reads me.
there, there are a shit loads of people i don't want reading shit i spit out.
for the record. stating that there is a problem, doesn't really help with the solution. either give a constructive criticism, or stand in line with all those who have issues with me. there is a waiting list. a lot of redundancy. of both people and issues.

i don't know why i don't like this time of the year. i have seen so many enjoy their time. i suppose the time for celebrating the coming of the new year replaces itself with the thought of another year gone by. i would say wooooooooosh, in warp like speed. but with every minute spent alone, thinking about consequence and effect, everything in suspended animation. the one you can freeze frame, walk about and see yourself fucking it up it all possible angles.

all of this is a test. the results of which we will never get to see.


~Moo-lah Buz!nezzz~ said...

I hate this time of the year too.A few years back,it really didnt matter.But now,kirom ekta bheshe jaaye shob kichu.i dont likes. :(

coffee stain said...

its like this lull, lull nothing but lull. maye a dull here and there

Poojo C. said...

My birthday used to be bang-smack in the middle of summer vacations. And it used to be the first day of the monsoons in Calcutta. So most of the kids wouldn't turn up. But as long as it rained heavily, it felt like my birthday.

These days, it's all hot and sticky. If I'm lucky, there'll be a barely there drizzle. But the pouring rain doesn't happen anymore. Not on 7 June at least. And it doesn't feel like a birthday anymore. Just another date to delete SMS after SMS of wishes.

madhurima said...

sigh...even i dont enjoy birthdays that much anymore...n i realized it more after reading this :(

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dreamy said...

Hi, RishiRoy, Long time, how are you.
No matter what you do, you should never ever stop blogging!


solo said...

hishihishihishi!!! we all should get back to blogging!!! the days be missed muchly. :(

Anonymous said...

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Anusia said...

I used to celebrate my birthday every year. but now I just don't want to as it is adding my age.

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